From Our Butchery to Your Kitchen

Known for our premium meats and a reputation as a steakhouse, we have received an overwhelming demand for our high-quality, restaurant-grade produce. And now, we’re thrilled to offer our meticulously sourced and crafted meats to the public.

Savour the best

The finest quality food for a unforgettable experience

Our beef is truly exceptional, dry-aged on the bone in our unique Himalayan Salt chamber. This process enhances the flavour and tenderness of the meat, providing you with a steak experience like no other. But it doesn’t stop there. We also offer homemade sausages, home-cured bacon, superb joints for a Sunday roast, and a selection of local cuts of beef, pork, lamb, or poultry. With The Meatery, you’re not just buying meat, you’re investing in a culinary experience that champions quality, craft, and sustainability. Give us a try, and taste the difference today!


Dry Aged In house

All our meats are dry aged in our Himalayan Salt chamber

Zero Waste

Our craft butchery allows for no waste down to using bones for our stock

Restaurant Quality

Enjoy the finest cuts of meat in the comfort of your own home

Range of Meats

From steaks to sausages, its all prepared by our in-house butcher

A personal Experience

Sustainable, craft butchery meats for home chefs

What sets us apart is our commitment to craft butchery. We purchase whole carcass animals and butcher them ourselves, creating absolutely no waste. Even the bones are put to good use, making rich, flavourful stock. We pride ourselves on making our own sausages, black pudding, burgers, and dry-curing our own bacon. Whether you’re planning a BBQ, a family dinner, or just want to treat yourself to a delicious steak, our hampers cater to every occasion.


Love our premium meats? Experience them at our restaurant!


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